Hand-made quality

Our mozzarella cheese is made from pure Campania buffalo milk, produced exclusively by Caserta’s buffalo farmers, all members of the ABC Cooperative of Caserta.

The ABC curd is lightly scented and a little porous: only when it is absolutely perfect is the buffalo milk transformed into excellent mozzarella by the skilled cheesemakers of the cooperative.

Our curd needs a milk with zero acidity and with a low bacterial content.
So our buffalo milk is the best available for the production of dairy products: the milk from the buffaloes raised within our cooperative is clear and rich. This coloration reflects the excellent health of our animals!

Our buffaloes flourish in the climactic conditions of this part of the Mediterranean that gives rise to a particular kind of pasture not found elsewhere.
Without them and their special habitat, our wonderful mozzarella would not be possible…
The grass that our buffalo eat is the guarantee of the unique and inimitable taste of our mozzarella, for which - for colour, texture, taste and quality - there is no equal on the dairy products market.

Quality of the mozzarella

In our cooperative of breeders and mozzarella producers, the prime commandment is quality!

  • Quality in the making process
  • Quality in the selection of buffalo
  • Quality of the milk used
  • Quality of the end product
  • Quality in the way we treat our buffalo - that daily receive our respect.

Other products

As well as the classic mozzarella, we also produce other dairy products in our cheese-making factory, to delight your palate.

  • Mini buffalo mozzarellas
  • Buffalo milk butter
  • Buffalo milk ricotta
  • Other cheeses

Just take your pick: the quality offered by the ABC cooperative is guarantee of a authentic-tasting genuine product from a Caserta cheese-making factory.