Buffalo mozzarella, the tradition of taste

We have been buffalo breeders and mozzarella producers for generations, and our businesses are all in the historical area of Caserta. For centuries, here the breed Bufalo di Fiume has peacefully lived giving us great quality milk and the unique tradition of buffalo mozzarella.
Our mozzarella is wholly and exclusively made with buffalo milk, in line with the tradition dating back to medieval times. It was then that the buffalo tradition began to take root in this very fertile region of Campania and in particular in the province of Caserta.

So, real mozzarella is historically linked to the buffalo and to the special consistency of its milk.

As buffalo breeders and milk producers of the area at the end of the 70s we decided to get together, both to concentrate on producing mozzarella as well as to exploit their combined experience in this particular agricultural sector through forming the ABC cooperative.
From the beginning at ABC we have always carefully selected and supervised our workers who - with skill, passion and professionalism – continue to make mozzarella using traditional methods, using old ways combined with modern innovations.

Our daily deliveries of milk always undergo stringent checks and analysis: yield and purity are crucial factors in the preparation of real mozzarella.

ABC thanks all those who work in the fields with day-to-day contact with the animals: without them, nothing would be possible. Making mozzarella actually begins at dawn each day, and without those workers’ patience and their commitment, good mozzarella would never reach our dining tables!