ABC buffalo mozzarella has been produced by the ABC cooperative - Allevatori Bufalini Casertani – since 1978 and is exported world-wide, where it is appreciated for its unique, unmistakeable taste.

ABC was the first to reach the most distant markets when international exports of mozzarella were only just beginning, particularly those of buffalo mozzarella.
After more than 20 years of exporting, we are more committed than ever to make our dairy products known outside of Italy and Europe.

To this end we are working with those we consider to be the best logistics, distribution, import and retail partners so that no matter where you live, you will taste the same mozzarella that ABC cooperative members serve on their dining tables at home in Caserta.

Join the distribution network

Transporting a product as delicate as fresh mozzarella requires skill and experience: we only trust the best!
For the delight of food-lovers everywhere, our distribution network allows us to get our mozzarella cheese onto their tables in the shortest time possible!
For us, fast distribution is a crucial factor and so the ABC cooperative works to develop strong and fruitful relationships with our partners.

To get to become part of the distribution network for the best buffalo mozzarella, contact us today. We will be pleased to hear from you.