Our Cooperative

ABC stands for Allevatori Bufalini Casertani – Caserta Buffalo Breeders
The business run by the ABC cooperative was born out of the union of the buffalo breeders in the province of Caserta, in order to manage the whole buffalo mozzarella production process.
Founded in 1978, the cooperative breeds buffalo, handles the milking and then the production and sale of DOP mozzarella of the highest quality: ABC buffalo mozzarella. Produced in the cheese-making factory at Vitulazio, it is exported world-wide, where the Campania buffalo mozzarella is appreciated for its unique, unmistakeable flavour.

ABC - the first letters of the alphabet and....

ABC are the first letters of the alphabet preceding all the others, and so it is, too, as regards the quality of our buffalo mozzarella – it is way ahead of the rest and can’t be compared with any other!

We guarantee the quality of the raw ingredients, especially of the milk, which are used in the production of the best buffalo mozzarella. We ensure that every aspect of the production process is thoroughly checked: from the husbandry of the buffaloes through to milking; the coagulation controls of the freshly obtained milk, through to the condition of sale of the mozzarella and other dairy products. We adhere to rigid disciplines in the production of authentic Campania buffalo mozzarella, guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of all our products leaving the Vitulazio cheese-making factory (Caserta).

The high quality of our milk is a crucial factor guaranteeing us the quality and nutritional value of our products.
The expert and highly-qualified staff working in our cheese production facility are the top when it comes to care, commitment, passion and professionalism and sheer knowledge of the sector. They are simply the best, and all carefully chosen.

If you are looking for the authentic, original and genuine taste of Campania buffalo mozzarella, don’t be fooled by the many imitations! Many producers exploit the well-known name of this kind of cheese to market imitations.
Buy from those who - for over thirty years - have made the production of real buffalo mozzarella their whole reason for being. Exported world-wide, ABC buffalo mozzarella is appreciated for its soft texture and its flavour that is distinct but at the same time fresh and delicate.
Produced since 1978 by our farming cooperative, we transform the best buffalo milk into an Italian food icon that is known throughout the world.