ABC operates out of its own cheese-making premises in Caserta that is certified to the highest levels of quality with BRC, IFS and Halal certifications and carries the ISO 9001 accreditation. certified cheese-making factory, mozzarella production certification, certified cheese-making company, food certifications ABC produces authentic buffalo mozzarella, guaranteed in terms of quality, taste, and use of class 1 ingredients.

We continually monitor the mozzarella’s entire production supply chain and we trust only local suppliers so as to be certain to be able to bring only authentic, genuine Campana buffalo mozzarella to your table.

Our producer’s mark says ‘quality’

ABC only works with companies we consider suitable and good enough to handle our products.
When it comes to refrigerated distribution, we choose only the best distributors, shops and transport companies so that our mozzarella reaches you tasting the same as when it left our premises.

We were the first to bring Campana buffalo mozzarella to international markets over twenty years ago. So for decades we have had the competence that is required to compete globally, as our national and international experience demonstrates.

BRC Certification

BRC and IFS food safety standards are international schemes designed to harmonise – according to common principles – the different standards operating within Large-scale Retailing across Europe.

The BRC standard – British Retailer Consortium – was born in England, where it is now institutionalised. The standard requires third-party certification auditing.

Halal Certification

ABC has undergone inspection by personnel from HALAL ITALY and has obtained the Halal Quality Certification on its products, ingredients, production methods and sanitary and hygiene procedures.

IFS Certification

IFS – International Food Standard – is a system established by the most important names in the Large-scale Retailing sectors of Germany, France and Italy, for the certification of hygiene-quality standards. Through IFG certification it is possible to monitor and verify production methods and hygiene standards along the length of the entire supply chain, guaranteeing food safety and prompt risk mitigation wherever a problem is identified.

ISO 9001-2008 Certification

ISO 9000 accreditation comprises a series of internationally-recognised standards, regarding quality management systems.

So, it regards the organisational structure that businesses must adopt to steer the business towards obtaining results in line with market expectations, and required standards.

ABC as a cooperative of breeders and buffalo mozzarella producers, has adopted ISO 9001 standards for all documented business processes: from purchasing to production, sales and so on, so as to increase still further our own quality standards.